Creative Uses

Suggested Stats to Track

Fanalysis can be a great way to make yourself more involved with your favorite college basketball teams and make your fan experience better! But, it is also powerful tool for college basketball analysis. Fanalysis lets you create, track, and analyze your own stats. The only limit is your own creativity. You can see how anything you think is important affects the game. Tracking these stats is a great way to start using the app and to unleash your own creativity! We've broken these suggested stats down into 5 categories: Fan Impact, Involvement, Matchups, Game Conditions, and Subjective.

Fan Impact

  1. Crowd Size: The Stadium capacity/attendance. Some teams and players perform when the spotlight is the brightest, others don't. 
  2. Crowd Support: Who is the crowd cheering for? Some teams have fans all over the country or fans that travel to every game. Sometimes home games aren't in front of a home crowd. Neutral games might not truly be neutral.
  3. Fan coordination: Is it a black out game? Does the fan base cheer in unison? College Basketball is full of great in-game crowd traditions, see how they affect the game


  1. Your apparel: Are you wearing your lucky jersey? Your lucky hat? How do you prep for the game?
  2. Where you watch the game: Are you at home? At a team themed bar? Did you get your spot on the couch? 
  3. Your game-day rituals and activities: Do you stand on defense? Are you quiet when your team is on offense? What do you do when your team is shooting Free Throws? 
  4. Who you watch the game with: How does your team do when you watch with certain people? You may not like Jim, but the team plays great when you watch games with him. Remember there's no I in team...but there is an I in Fanalysis.


  1. Mismatches: Is your point guard taller than their point guard? Is he too fast for the other point guard to keep up with?
  2. Defensive schemes: What type of defense does your team run? What about the other team?
  3. Playstyle: What type of team are you playing against? A slow paced defensive minded team? A run and gun 3 point shooting team? 
  4. Coaching: How does your coach compare to their coach? Is the opponent coach good at drawing up plays during timeouts? Is the opponent coach good at halftime adjustments?
  5. Impact/ Unique Player: Does the opponent have an incredible individual player? Are you playing against a player that has a very unique play-style?

Game Conditions

  1. Travel Distance: How far away is the game? A short drive away? 1000 miles away?
  2. Rest: When was the last time your team played? Have they had a longer rest than the other team? How long have they had to prepare for the game?
  3. Game Type: Is this a conference game? is it a home game, an away game, or at a neutral site? Is it a rivalry game? A rematch?
  4. Opponent Rank:  Are they nationally ranked?
  5. Injuries: Is your team at full strength? Is the opponent?
  6. Time of Day: Is it early in the day? Late at night?


  1. Psychology: What is on the line for this game? Is there a reason a player might step up for this game? Is the team on a win streak? Is there something the team can rally behind?
  2. Toughness: Do you think the opponent mentally or physically "tough"? Are they hard-nosed or scrappy?
  3. Profile: Is this a "big game"
  4. Other: What brand is the basketball? Is the floor an unfamiliar pattern? Is the goal type unfamiliar? Are the rims "soft"?

Have fun and get creative with your stats! If you find anything interesting, let us know through social media!